Other ways to get involved

We want our alumni, supporters and students to be involved in any way they can and there are many fantastic opportunities for you to show your support.

Career Services
You can help our students find their future career paths by joining our careers network. See how you can be involved.

Alumni Services
The Alumni Relations Office offers our members a number of benefits, and we are continually working to improve these services. Find out how you can stay connected with the University and take advantage of being a member of the alumni community.

Come to one of our events
With so many places to hold reunion events, concerts, theatre productions and lectures, we offer a wide selection of events for our alumni and the community to enjoy. Find out what events are on our calendar next.

For Students
The Annual Giving Programme provides fantastic job opportunities for our students to take advantage of. See how the Telephone Appeal helps students to succeed.

For Corporations
Supporting the Telephone Appeal with sponsored gifts and prizes is just one ways corporations can be involved. See how you can be involved and who our current supporters are.

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Get involved

Get involved

There are many fantastic opportunities for you to show your support.

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