Case study: student support

The Richard Newitt Bursary Scheme has provided financial support to a significant number of postgraduate students across the University for decades.

On their retirement in 1978, Richard and Freda Newitt established the Richard Newitt Trust with the intention that the income generated from the funds would support students at various institutions, with the majority of the awards being given to students at Southampton. After their deaths, the bursary scheme was continued by a board of trustees and a great number of students at Southampton have benefited from Richard and Freda’s generosity over the years. The Trust has recently folded but the endowment which generates the funds for the scheme has been transferred to the University so that the programme of student support can continue.

Students today face ever-increasing financial challenges and monetary support like the grants made possible by the Richard Newitt Scheme can have a life-changing impact on individuals and their ability to progress their studies. By removing the barriers created by financial burden, donors like Richard and Freda Newitt play a significant part in shaping an individual’s future. As an extension of this, the important support provided to scholarship students helps to further the University’s excellence by enabling us to attract the very best students to Southampton.

This year awards have been made to postgraduate students learning and researching within a wide range of disciplines including Engineering, Medicine and Social Sciences. Dan Newman, MSC Sustainable Energy Technologies, is one of the students whose has benefited from the vital support provided by Richard and Freda Newitt.

‘I chose to study my MSc course in Sustainable Energy Technologies as I have an immense interest in sustainable energy, and am looking to pursue a long term career in the sector upon graduating’ says Dan ‘ I knew, however, that completing the 12 month course would be financially difficult. Without financial support from my parents I have had to personally pay for my tuition fees and am currently paying for all my living expenses. It was envisaged that in the New Year not only would I have to get a part time job to help pay for my living expenses, but also would require the need of a subsequent loan to aid me through the rest of my studies’

‘Because I was awarded a Richard Newitt bursary I have been able to concentrate all my time and efforts on completing my course and gaining the highest possible grade, without the stress of having to juggle employment and studies in a demanding postgraduate course. I am really grateful to Richard and Freda Newitt who have made this possible for me.’

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‘Over the years I got a lot of satisfaction from helping people totally unknown to me’ Derek Schofield, Chairman of the Richard Newitt Trust