Placements and internships

To help you become a future leader, we offer a range of opportunities outside your course to enrich your career prospects and help you gain transferable skills and fund your studies.

Here at Southampton you will have many opportunities to develop the key transferable skills that are vital for success in today’s competitive global employment market. Your academic qualifications are crucial; however, it is often the skills you develop alongside your studies that give you that competitive edge when looking for a job.

Our students have excellent opportunities to take up paid placements with leading companies who are regularly seeking the skills and expertise provided by Southampton students and graduates. Placement opportunities provided by the University’s Excel Southampton Placement Programme include 4 to 12 week placements ranging from IT and engineering to advertising, publishing, legal and not-for-profit organisations. The Excel Southampton Placement Programme will provide 400 students and recent graduates exclusively from the University of Southampton with a placement during 2014/15.

Organisations that have provided placement opportunities for our students include the Crown Prosecution Service, Eaton, Ransom Publishing, Ordnance Survey, Zurich, Mayflower Theatre, Capita and Southampton International Airport. The Excel Southampton Placement Programme also hosts placements here at the University, ranging from laboratory research projects to placements in our professional services, such as finance or communications and marketing.

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"I've learned a huge range of new skills and applied them in a workplace setting... my experience at Southampton has definitely equipped me for the real world."

Beckie Brown, BSc Management
Laboratory research placement

Laboratory research placement

Placement opportunities include three-month internships ranging from IT and engineering to the advertising, publishing, legal and not-for-profit sectors.