Volunteering opportunities

Volunteering provides a great opportunity to make a difference and give back to the community, whilst providing valuable experience to develop your graduate attributes and help you stand out from the crowd in today’s job market.

Community Volunteering

Community Volunteering

Volunteer students work with children in the chemistry laboratory

You will have the opportunity to meet like-minded people, experience a diverse range of cultures and see whether you like certain types of work to help you make informed career choices.

There are a number of volunteering options available from a few days to a regular weekly commitment. Volunteering abroad, as well as setting up your own volunteering project, can help you develop graduate attributes such as Global Citizenship and Ethical Leadership.

Community Volunteering

Community Volunteering is a joint initiative run by Career Destinations and the Students’ Union. It is open to all students, staff and alumni at the University of Southampton, and provides volunteering opportunities in a wide range of sectors to suit all levels of interest and commitment. The latest range of opportunities is available on the Students' Union website. If you’ve got a great idea for a project that isn’t listed on our website, then why not ask us for help and set it up yourself?

We provide full training for all our volunteers and have developed a range of resources to help you make the most of your volunteering:
To get involved in Community Volunteering, the first step is to sign up.

Other Opportunities

There are also a number of locally run and national voluntary organisations which will help you find a placement.


"I found the training session really helpful – it was really useful to reflect on what we wanted to get out of our experiences and reflect on how we could apply our volunteering to other situations. I wanted to volunteer to give something back to the community, mainly for the enjoyment of doing something positive and beneficial, but it was great to see how my volunteering could benefit me too."

Kate Jowett, PhD Demography

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