Electrical and Electronic Engineering

All aspects of modern life are influenced by Electrical and Electronic Engineering, be it energy, healthcare, communications to name just a few.

From generation, transfer and conversion of electrical power, the transfer of information using radio waves and fibre optics, to the design of the most complex computer and entertainment systems or the design of electric or hybrid vehicles, electrical and electronic engineers are at the centre.

This highly technical course will allow you to gain strong fundamental skills, both theoretical and practical, in electrical and electronic engineering. You will get the opportunity to design, simulate, built or test an electrical or electronic system throughout the third year as part of your individual project, and will collaborate with an academic working at the cutting-edge of research.

The programme has been specifically designed to allow you to develop the skills, knowledge, and application required for a wide range of professional engineering careers as high quality practitioners and leaders in business, engineering, research and development, and industry,

We have strong relationships with employers, and our graduates are particularly in demand for their understanding of organisations and their practical abilities in the workplace. We have our own Careers Hub website and run an annual careers fair.

Degree | UCAS code | Duration

BEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering | H600 | 3 years
MEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering | H602 | 4 years
BEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering with Foundation Year | H604 | 4 years
MEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering with Foundation Year | H605 | 5 years

Global opportunities

Our split campus degree offers the opportunity to study our MEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering programme in the UK and at our Malaysia Campus. For more information, visit www.southampton.ac.uk/my.

Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Electrical and Electronic Engineering

The world’s cheapest swarm robots were designed and built by ECS Electronic Engineering students on the Bio-inspired robotics course