Electromechanical Engineering

Electromechanical engineering is concerned with systems ranging from micro-machines to powerful industrial robots, all relying on mechanical elements, electrical power, sensing and control to produce a useful device.

As electrification of our world continues, many engineering applications today, from the humble motor to robots and electric vehicles, harness the ability to convert electrical power into mechanical motion and vice versa.

Electromechanical Engineering at Southampton delivers the skills needed to bring these two forces together effectively. It is a mixture of mechanical and electrical engineering and also entails computer programming and control engineering. We will provide you with a thorough understanding of both electrical-electronics and mechanical principles, and the problems associated with combining electrical and mechanical components into electromechanical devices or systems.

The programme has been specifically designed to meet the increasing demand from industry for engineers with cross-disciplinary skills, particularly in the field of robotics, flexible manufacturing, electromechanical power systems and electrical power transmission and distribution systems.

Project work begins in year one and continues with design and build tasks in every year of the degree. This provides the opportunity to exercise your creative talent, deploy skills and exploit knowledge gained to produce electromechanical devices. Learning is supported by outstanding experimental, laboratory and workshop facilities.

Degree | UCAS code | Duration

BEng Electromechanical Engineering | HH36 | 3 years
MEng Electromechanical Engineering | HHH6 | 4 years
BEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering | H600 | 3 years
MEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering | H602 | 4 years
BEng/MEng Engineering with Foundation Year | H008 | 4/5 years

Global opportunities

Our split campus degree will offer the opportunity to study our BEng and MEng Electromechanical Engineering programmes in both the UK and Malaysia. For more information, visit www.southampton.ac.uk/my.


For information on scholarships, visit www.southampton.ac.uk/scholarships.

Located at Highfield Campus and Malaysia Campus

Electromechanical Engineering

Electromechanical Engineering

For his Part 3 project Wayne Tubby built a low-cost robot platform capable of negotiating rough terrain

"The atmosphere in ECS is always collaborative: if some had a problem, within a minute a group of five or six would have gathered round to discuss different solutions.”

Jevan Bryant, MEng Electromechanical Engineering, 2009; now working at SELEX Galileo