Science Foundation Year

The Foundation Year is the first year of a four- or five-year programme leading to a degree in one of a range of scientific disciplines. Successful completion of the year guarantees progression to our degree programmes.

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This programme may suit you if you are studying for A levels in subjects different from those normally required for these degrees. It may also interest you if you are a mature applicant, with skills and experience from employment, or if you come from a part of the world where the education system is different from the British A level system. We may also consider your application if you have taken appropriate A level subjects for these degrees, but circumstances beyond your control (eg serious illness or personal problems) have led to lower grades than your high predictions.

This full-time programme is delivered through a combination of lectures, workshops, tutorials, laboratory sessions and private study. Assessment is mainly by unseen written examination and a variety of coursework assignments.

Typical entry requirements

Entry requirements can be found on the Science Foundation Year course page.

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Find out more about the Science foundation year

Download the brochure for UK/EU students

Download the brochure for UK/EU students

A Foundation Year can give you everything you need for a successful degree at Southampton.

Download the brochure for international students

Download the brochure for international students

The Foundation Year is suitable for international students.

“It is nice to be involved with and work alongside enthusiastic students who are training to be future scientists. The Foundation Year encourages learning and creates an interesting and exciting learning environment for all involved.”

Adam C Stone, Teaching Technician