Spoken by over 120 million people and of growing importance in central and eastern Europe, German opens up numerous opportunities for language graduates.

An integral member of the European Union, with a fascinating and distinctive culture and the world’s third largest economy, Germany is at the heart of Europe.

Studying modern languages opens your mind to different people and cultures. You will learn to adapt to new surroundings during your year abroad and develop a range of practical skills which you can use in almost any career – a second language is a demonstrable asset that will give you the edge over your competitors.

We place great importance on the development of graduate skills vital for future employment through the integration of transferable skills into learning and teaching, in particular the language skills and strategy training for all first-year students. Our programmes offer considerable choice, although language learning will be a core component throughout your course.

A student talks about her year studying abroad in a German university

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Degree | UCAS code | Duration

BA German | R220 | 4 years
BA German and Music | RW23 | 4 years
BA German and Philosophy | RV25 | 4 years
BA German and Spanish | RR24 | 4 years
BA Politics and German | LR22 | 4 years
BSc Management Sciences and German | NR22 | 4 years
BA English and German | QR32 | 4 years
BA Film and German | RW26 | 4 years
BA French and German | RR12 | 4 years
BA French and German (Linguistic Studies) | RRC2 | 4 years
BA German (Linguistic Studies) | R201 | 4 years
BA German and History | RV21 | 4 years
BA German and Spanish (Linguistic Studies) | RRF4 | 4 years

Integrated Masters in Languages:

MLang German | 5R24 | 4 years
MLang German Linguistic Studies | 5D7H | 4 years
MLang German and Spanish | 5B75 | 4 years
MLang German and Spanish Linguistic Studies | 1R57 | 4 years
MLang French and German | 5XP9 | 4 years
MLang French and Gemran Linguistic Studies | 31C7 | 4 years


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Germany has a fascinating and distinctive culture

"The teaching is excellent, with a varied range of modules such as German Film, German History, and Politics and Culture in Germany. Most of the staff are native speakers, which has helped to improve my language greatly. I have just come back from my year abroad, teaching English at a school in Würzburg. It was the best year of my life – I’ve made German friends for life."

Rob Hudson, BA German and History, fourth year