We are a thriving national leader in medical education, with an outstanding reputation for multidisciplinary research and teaching.

Our degrees represent the first stage in a rewarding career as a doctor. You will gain practical experience from the very beginning, having contact with patients in a variety of clinical settings. Once you have successfully completed your programme, you can progress to employment in the NHS and the Foundation Programme (a two-year training programme for newly qualified doctors).

We have three Bachelor of Medicine programmes. BM5 is the standard five-year programme.

If you already have a degree, our four-year programme (BM4) will allow you to draw on your existing knowledge and experience as you begin your training as a doctor.

If you are able to meet our eligibility criteria specifically designed to widen access to medicine (see the Medicine website for details), our six-year programme (BM6) may be the right degree for you.

Upon graduation from our BM5 and BM6 programmes, as well as a Bachelor of Medicine degree, you will be awarded a Bachelor of Medical Science degree. BM5 and BM6 students also have the possibility of gaining an intercalated master’s degree by taking an additional year of study.

A Southampton student talks about the BM6 programme

The selection process

No more than four choices from the possible five available through UCAS should be used for medicine programmes. The remaining choices can be used for alternative courses (without prejudice to your application) when applying to Southampton. You may apply for more than one of our BM programmes (e.g. BM5 and BM6, or BM4 and BM5), but these would count as two choices for medicine.

For 2014 entry the selection process has changed:

Initially you will need to meet the minimum entry requirements as detailed in our prospectus.

All applicants are required to take the UK Clinical Aptitude Test (UKCAT). Applicants to BM4 and BM5 will need to score at least 2500 (from the first four subtests, excluding Situational Judgement) to be considered.

We will then rank applicants by UKCAT score and a certain percentage will be invited to a selection day, which will include an interview and group task. Applicants to BM6 must also take the UKCAT but there is no cut-off score for this programme.

Degree | UCAS code | Duration

BM Medicine and BMedSc (BM5) | A100 | 5 years
BM Medicine (BM4, graduate entry) | A101 | 4 years
BM Medicine and BMedSc (BM6, widening access) | A102 | 6 years


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Medical student on placement

“I can’t believe how comfortable and settled I feel at Southampton. The course is great, the best thing being how supportive everyone is, always reassuring you that if you have any problems they’ll be there for you.”

Daisy Hills, Medical Student, final year