Sociology & Social Policy

How should we deal with educational failure, crime, racism, poverty, homelessness? Why do inequalities related to gender, race and class persist? What role should identity, family, community and the nation state play in our globalising world?

If you have asked yourself such questions, then a degree in sociology or social policy may be the right choice for you. These two closely related disciplines focus on social institutions, social inequalities and social transformations.

Sociologists explore identity, representations, power and interaction in society, while social policy academics consider people’s needs and how they are met (or not) by the state and the market.

Transferable skills are an integral component of our programmes, making our degrees highly relevant and valued in today’s evolving job market. Our graduates are well placed in government, policing, teaching, retail, voluntary organisations and media-related careers.

Degree | UCAS code | Duration

BSc Sociology | L300 | 3 years

BSc Sociology and Social Policy | LL34 | 3 years
BSc Sociology with Anthropology | L3L6 | 3 years
BSc Sociology and Criminology | LL63 |3 years
BA Philosophy and Sociology* | VL53 | 3 years
BSc Social Policy and Criminology | LL64 | 3 years
BSc Web Science (Social Science) | I200 | 3 years


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*Located at Highfield and Avenue Campuses

Sociology and Social Policy

Sociology and Social Policy

Sociology and Social Policy explore all facets of society – institutions, processes and relationships

“My job in central government is to weigh up one argument against the other to come up with the best policy. The skills I learned while studying at Southampton have enabled me to do that.”

Victoria Woodcock, BSc Sociology and Social Policy, 2008
MSc Social Statistics, 2010
Private Secretary to Cabinet Minister, UK Government