Learning environments

At Southampton we offer more than just a traditional library. With online access to our virtual learning environments 24 hours a day, you can fit your learning around your life and make the most of the academic, social and sporting opportunities available on campus.

Virtual learning environments

We provide a wide range of online learning resources, including specialised materials for your subject area to complement your lectures and seminars. As well as accessing study materials, you may use the virtual learning environment to interact with experts in your field and work on group projects.

With around 2,000 computer workstations around the campus, our students can access learning resources from all over the University, including halls of residence, which have high-speed internet access.


Our libraries hold between them around three million books, journals and reports, plus around 50,000 e-books. Most of our journal subscriptions are in electronic format and you will have access to this vast resource through our website. Training sessions run by our library staff will help you make the best use of the library resources during your studies.

Our main Hartley Library has high-speed internet access, wireless networking, network points for laptops, a café and a lounge. The library has a variety of study areas, including a language study area and study rooms equipped with computers.

Our National Oceanographic Library is the UK’s most extensive collection of oceanographic literature and one of the largest marine science libraries
in Europe. We also have specialist art and design and health services libraries.

Computer services

All students have access to computers around the University upon enrolment.

There are:

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The 'Tesseract' room

The 'Tesseract' room

Designed by our students, this space includes group and individual study cubicles and a presentation area with interactive touch-screen technology.

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