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Our libraries are consistently rated as outstanding by students in the National Student Survey (NSS).

We are continually expanding the range and depth of material available in print and electronic formats in our libraries to meet the needs of the teaching and research at a modern University. We pilot new services to help you to make the most of the wide range of resources available.p>

Campus libraries

Hartley Library plus its five satellite libraries ensure that all students have access to a wide and diverse range of literature.

The main Library, the Hartley Library, is located at Highfield Campus and has an excellent reputation as one of the leading research libraries in the UK.


You will automatically become a member of the libraries as soon as you enrol.

Members of the University can access many of our resources and services ‘off campus’ through networked links to your home, hall of residence and other parts of the University. Our self-service options allow you to borrow your own books, place holds, make renewals, and order materials from our other libraries.

Study spaces

All the libraries offer a range of study spaces and provision for laptop and PC access including wireless access. In the Hartley Library you will find both group and quiet study space, and a number of bookable group study rooms. There is also an extremely popular café and a lounge area for more relaxed study and discussion.

Library collections

The total Library's collection comprises over 1.6 million volumes, six million manuscripts and more than 8000 current periodicals, of which 5000 are available in electronic format.

Library guides

Library Guides, or LibGuides, provide information about our sites, services and collections. You'll also find guides for every subject studied and researched across the University and about how to use our resources more effectively.

Assistive Technology

The Hartley Library Assistive Technology Centre provides a wealth of services for users with disabilities, including specialist screen-readers, a Braille embosser, text-to-speech and voice input facilities, visual planning, writing tools and specialist word processors.

For more information on getting the best out of our library services, visit the library's Youtube channel.

Further information


University bookshop

The University bookshop is a branch of John Smith’s and stocks an extensive range of textbooks and background reading materials with a particular focus on the key strengths of the University. For further information, email

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Hartley Library

Hartley Library

Hartley library is located on our main Highfield campus

A huge range and depth of material

A huge range and depth of material

We are continually expanding the range and depth of material available in print and electronically.