Get started

An easy guide for collaborators to get started:

To see and download bowl images – Press the EdShare button on the bottom left of this screen, click on Login to EdShare on the top right of your screen and login with the your username (your email) and the password you were sent by EdShare.

To browse the full content of the archive click on the search icon on the top right of the web page and type VMBA. This is what the screen you get should look like,

     finding vmba main page

To open the full size image of each incantation text in a web page, click on the highlighted title (M59 for example). This is what the screen should look like:

opening the file 









To download the image do one of two things:

1. right click on the thumbnail and click on Save Target As … 

saving the file











2. right click on the image you opened in its own webpage and press Save Picture As ...




EdShare screenshot











To see a particular bowl click on the browse icon, then on the bullet point ● Keywords
Each bowl is listed (Dehays bowls are SD+number, Moussaieff as M+number and Barakat as LO+number), you need only click on the catalogue number of the bowl and the share with appropriate images will emerge.

To see the VMBA documents (protocol, full bowl list, transcriptions, etc.) click on the Google Docs to your bottom left. You must register to use Google Docs the first time you access it. Please read the file called ‘Virtual Magic Bowl Archive Protocol’.

The Blog button below will take you to our Blog for which you must also register the first time you use it. To register click the
Blogger registration iconicon on the top right.

Once you have setup a user id and password click the yellow Blog button below and sign in. For more information on using VMBA see the document titles Virtual_Magic_Bowl_Archive_Protocol.doc found on Google Docs.