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Katharine Barnard

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Dr Katherine Barnard

Dr Katherine Barnard

Dr Katharine Barnard

Dr Katharine Barnard, Chartered Health Psychologist, specializes in the psychosocial impact and management of diabetes. She has a longstanding research interest in the psychosocial issues associated with diabetes and its management. Through this research, a greater understanding has been gained of the factors that contribute to therapy choices and quality of life; and the impact that diabetes has on both the individuals with the condition and their family members.

Dr Barnard currently leads on psychosocial aspects within several multi-centre RCTs evaluating diabetes technologies, and is the Principal Investigator in a Diabetes UK funded study investigating ways to minimise alcohol associated risks for young adults with T1DM.


Recent alcohol related publications and presentations:

Barnard, K.D., Sinclair, J.M.A., Young, A.J., and Holt, R.I.G.  ‘Alcohol Associated Risks for Young Adults with Type 1 Diabetes:  A Narrative Review.  Diabetic Medicine 2012 2012 Apr;29(4):434-40. doi: 10.1111/j.1464-5491.2012.03579.x. 

Barnard, K., Holt, R., Young AJ., Lawton J. and Sinclair JMA. (2012)  Alcohol associated risks for young adults with Type 1 diabetes: a narrative review. Diabetes UK Professional Conference 2012. 7th-9th March 2012: Glasgow.

K.D. Barnard, J.M.A. Sinclair, J. Lawton, and R.I.G. Holt  Reducing Alcohol Associated Risks for Young Adults with Type 1 Diabetes: Moderating Social versus Medical Needs.  World Universities Network meeting, Southampton 2012

Diabetes UK Annual Professional Conference 2013 – Oral presentation:  Minimising the Risk of Alcohol for Young Adults