Web 4 All

Web Access to All

'Web 4 all': Equal access across all differences.

Web Accessibility and Usability are about ensuring that information distributed on the web is accessible to everyone regardless of their ability, disability, age, technological access, language and geographical location. "Web 4 All" promotes digital inclusion at the University of Southampton through a process set up to deliver web products that are accessible, usable and enjoyable to use.


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Who is this site for?

  • We produced this site for Content Managers, Editors and Authors of websites and online systems published by the University of Southampton through our approved Content Management System and applications.


What can you get from the 'Web 4 All' site?

  • Do you want to know how to comply with guidelines on Web Accessibility and Usability? Check out our tips on the "Creating accessible content" section of this site.


What is a "Web Product"?

  • The term "web products" refers to workplace applications, widgets, rich internet applications, software as a service and mobile applications, as well as web sites.