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The EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Web Science at the University of Southampton is part of a £250 million investment in the future of UK science and technology by the RCUK Digital Economy Programme, providing fully funded studentships for 4 year PhD training in Web Science.

CDT Cohort

Web Science is the interdisciplinary study of the Web as a global socio-technical system that concerns the technologies, policies and practices of the interchange of data, information and knowledge, including the exchange of digital forms of intellectual property and the online trading of physical economic goods. It analyses the Web at a systems level, on the one hand investigating the technical capabilities of its distributed information infrastructure whilst also examining the public policy and social practices that elevate it from a laboratory curiosity to a transformative global phenomenon.

The aim of the centre is to train students in a thorough understanding of how to innovate and create new kinds of value through the web, to become agents of change in the digital economy and to train them with sufficient expertise and leadership capacity to be able to apply Web Science principles to UK businesses producing a significant impact on the UK economy.

The centre is a cross-faculty and a cross- & multi-disciplinary initiative. Our current students have degrees in many different disciplines: Law, Computer Science, Sociology, Psychology, Education, Graphic Design, Archaeology, Management, Politics, International Relations, Economics, Geography, Natural Sciences, Physics, Marketing, Criminology, Theology, English, Film and Languages, Mathematics, to name a few. The academics supervisors involved in the centre come from across the University.

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Contact Us

For further information contact Alison Tebbutt, CDT Programme Manager

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Study Web Science

We offer a range of Web Science Programmes, from a free online course to a fully funded 4 Year iPhD

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Key Facts

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