Sunday classes at Southampton Aikikai

Our Sunday classes are usually taught about twice a month. They are aimed at those with some experience in aikido: typically after passing the first grading or after a year or two of regular practice. Classes are in the Martial Arts Studio on Level 1 of the Students' Union building, and class times are 10 am until noon.

We often practise with bokken or jo at the Sunday classes, so if you have your own, please bring them with you.

Payment for the Sunday classes from January 2011 is £8 per class (£6 for students): note that this is not included in your monthly, termly or annual class fee.

Here are the dates for the next few weeks. Please let Alex know by e-mail if you would like to come to any given Sunday class. If you have any more urgent enquiries about these classes, you can contact Alex on 07734 958758.

Sunday 5 June: Class
Sunday 12 June: No class
Sunday 19 June: Weapons class on the Common (weather permitting!)
Sunday 26 June: No class (BAF course in Oxford)
Sunday 3 July: No class
Sunday 10 July: No class
Sunday 17 July: Weapons class on the Common (weather permitting!)