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These are club records that correspond to what the Records Officer has on record. They may have been shot by any current member or by any former member providing they were a member of the club when the record was shot.

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Indoor Rounds
Bray IPhil Deeley2801987Charlotte Whitlock2662012
Bray II---Sarah Campbell2611996
Combined FITARichard Keeble10661992---
FITA 18Rory Riorden5621987Charlotte Whitlock5322012
FITA 25Paul Fulgoni5441990Laura Bridel52714/03/2009
PortsmouthSam Bird58720/01/2011Wendy Pitkin5781977
Double PortsmouthSam Bird116211/09/2010Charlotte Whitlock109216/11/2010
StaffordRory Riorden6381984Wendy Pitkin6531977
VegasRichard Keeble5431992---
WorcesterRory Riorden2891987Laura Bridel28101/03/2009
Double WorcesterRichard Keeble5721992Laura Bridel55301/03/2009

Novice Recurve
RoundNovice GentsNovice Ladies
FITA 18   Lizzie Hatt 41219/03/2010
PortsmouthSam Bird54016/03/2009 Suzanne Coley50916/03/2010
Worcester   Lizzie Hatt 21828/02/2010

Compound Unlimited
Bray IMarcus Hebbes2752002---
Combined FITAMarcus Hebbes10001000---
FITA 18Marcus Hebbes5522002---
FITA 25Marcus Hebbes5562002---
PortsmouthSimon Scott5851995---
Double PortsmouthSimon Scott5861997---
StaffordSimon Scott6261996---
FITA 18m 3spotSimon Scott5382002---
WorcesterSimon Scott3001997---
Double WorcesterSimon Scott5951996---