Southampton University Archery Club  
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The Committee
Captain: Sam Bird
Nickname: Birdie
Shoots: Blue Hoyt RX (it is an RX isn't it? anybody?)
Quote: " Not another Beiter nock!... *cries*"
Famous for: 'The Stride'
Vice Captain: Simon King
Nickname: Mini-Brad
Shoots: Blue Hoyt Nexus
Quote: " Fair Enough! "
Famous for: Regressing in his dress sense... Sk8r Boi! And being posh...
Secretary/Competitions Officer: Stephen Fawcett
Nickname: Mr Tap
Shoots:Black Winact
Quote:""Drip... drip...""
Famous for: Speaking Swahili and playing epic dodgeball... 'Turn it on!'
Treasurer: James Strudwick
Nickname: Frodo
Shoots: Club Bow
Famous for: Making one arrow into two (it was an ali... and he bounced it off a boss... special...)
Equipment Officer: Dan Phillips
Nickname: Dan
Shoots: and hits everything but the target
Quote: "why are you asking me?'s not like im the equipment officer, go do it yourself!"
Famous for: being in the Navy... i'm sure that's what he said...
Records Officer: Brad Keogh
Shoots: Red Inno
Quote: "Thats amaaaaaaazing!"
Famous for: Laughing like a girl
Social Secretary: Rachael Evans
Nickname: Rach
Shoots: Black Hoyt Nexus
Quote: "poke"
Famous for:Colouring in
Communications Officer: Lexi Elliott
Nickname due to peer pressure: 'Lexatron, Mistress of Destruction' sigh do not be surprised if you get evils in response to this
Shoots: Petron Pro Extreme (Custom teal/silver)
Quote: "meh"
Famous for: Shooting a naked bow
Archery Elder: Jacob Povall
Nickname: Poffle
Shoots: Purple Seb Flute
Quote: "Nice roast dinner but where are the mushy peas?!"
Famous for: Kissing his arrows (Beginners: this is NOT normal practice)
Champion Mascot: Parker (the dolphin)
Shoots: Small fish, then big fish, then small ones again
Quote: "So long, and thanks for all the fish!"
Famous For: Winning Olympic gold in Aquatic Archery four consecutive times

Coaches (not the bus kind)
Wonderous Coach: Gary
Shoots: We don't know... it's still in the car
Quote: *insert inadvertant innuendo here*
Famous for:Wanting his dinner
Coach: Adam
Shoots: at a competition pretty much every weekend!
Quote: *giggles like evil elf*
Famous for: Having a ponytail
If you ever see us around, run. Run as fast as you possibly can, and don't stop. I'm not joking.

There will eventually be something real here.

The Ancients
Worship The Ancients, see the SUAC Committee Hall of Fame.
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