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Space Environment Physics Group.

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My PhD supervisor is Dr Caitriona Jackman and my research currently focuses on the dynamics of Saturn's magnetosphere. Whilst the configuration and dynamics of Earth's magnetosphere are predominantly affected by it's interaction with the variable solar wind; Saturn's magnetosphere is thought to be dominated by internal processes. The key drivers of the system appear to be Saturn's fast rotation period and the addition of material from jets on the moon Enceladus.

Saturn's Aurora from HST

Specifically I'm looking for signatures of mass loss that are required to balance the mass budget of the system.

Plasma Graphic

Kronian Magnetosphere - NASA/JPL

The majority of the data I use is from the joint NASA/ESA/ASI Cassini Mission, which arrived at Saturn in 2004.

My Masters project was also undertaken at the University of Southampton, under the supervision of Dr Mark Sullivan, and was titled "Measuring the Universe using Type 1a Supernovae". In this project I demonstrated that supernovae could be observed from the Southampton Campus, and that reasonable values for cosmological constants could be obtained using data from the Liverpool Telescope (a robotic telescope located on La Palma).

About Me

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Outside of the PhD my main interests are outreach and sport.

The main sports I play are football and cricket, but I also run and cycle as often as I can.

Recently I was a part of the 'Scoregasm' team that won the ECS 6 aside tournament two years in a row.

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