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Dr Christine S.M. Currie
University of Southampton
SO17 1BJ
United Kingdom

+44 (0)23 8059 3647


Output Analysis Tutorial

The slides and Excel files used in this tutorial, which was presented at the Winter Simulation Conference 2013, are available for download
here. The paper will soon be available on the Winter Simulation Conference website.


FineMix is a program developed by Russell Cheng and Christine Currie for fitting finite mixture models to multimodal data. It is written in C, with an Excel interface. The zip file contains all of the files that you need to get started using it, including instructions.
Download here

Arrows Classification Program

This is the program, written in Visual Basic for Applications, with an Excel front end, developed by Lanting Lu, which can be used to classify data sets into groups, such that no group contains two sets of data that are significantly different from each other.
Download here

Research Interests

My research interests include


Current PhD Students

Yalin Bi - competition in revenue management
Mushota Kabaso - modelling provision of antiretroviral therapy in Zambia
Gerhart Knerer - modelling dengue fever
Paul Davie - individual modelling of diseases, in particular, freshers' flu (joint with Sally Brailsford)

Completed PhD Students

Lanting Lu - modelling breakdown times of machines on an assembly line, with Ford motor company. (2009)
Georgie Mellor - simulation modelling of tuberculosis in areas with high HIV prevalence. (2007)

Brief CV

I completed a PhD in operational research at the University of Southampton in 2004 and started work as a lecturer in the Operational Research group.  In 2006 I extended much of the work that I did during my PhD and carried out some new projects, most notably one with Liz Corbett (LSHTM) using modelling to determine the impact of a reduced duration of infectiousness for TB among HIV-positives.  This work was extended further as part of Georgie Mellor's PhD project to build a stochastic model of TB in a high HIV prevalence setting, focused on Harare, Zimbabwe. I have also carried out some recent work into the global pattern of TB disease with Katy Hoad of Warwick Business School.

My interest in revenue management started with a project where I was working with the airline bmi. We extended the working during the latter part of 2005 to consider the effect of competition on pricing of airline tickets. Since then I have worked on revenue management projects with a private healthcare company and another major UK airline and optimal pricing has become one of my major areas of interest. Recent work has included short projects with a major online retailer optimising delivery charges; and a large media company, investigating the price elasticity of advertising space.

I began my academic life as a physicist, obtaining first class honours from Jesus College, University of Oxford in 2000.  Wanting to see more real-world action, I then proceeded to the School of Mathematics at the University of Southampton to study for an MSc in Operational Research.  I spent the summer of 2001 in Geneva, working on a project for the Stop-TB department of the World Health Organization.  The project won the OR Society's prize for the best MSc project in the UK and helped me to gain a distinction in the MSc. Continuing this project, my PhD was then partly sponsored by the Stop-TB department of the World Health Organization and supervised by Professor Russell Cheng.


An up-to-date list of publications is included on my official university home page.