Dr. David John Williamson

ORCID iD iconorcid.org/0000-0002-5168-7979
@Astrokiwi on github

From September 2016 I am a postdoctoral fellow working with Dr. Sebastian Hönig at the University of Southampton.

My primary research interest is in galactic hydrodynamics on all scales, from radiation-hydrodynamics models of active galactic nuclei to models of the interstellar medium and the galactic environment. I use AMR and SPH methods to perform these simulations.


The Evolution of Magellanic-like Galaxy Pairs and the Production of Magellanic Stream Analogs in Simulations with Tides, Ram Pressure, and Stellar Feedback
Williamson, & Martel 2021

Radiation hydrodynamics models of Active Galactic Nuclei: Beyond the central parsec
Williamson, Hönig & Venanzi 2020

3D Radiation hydrodynamics of a dynamical torus
Williamson, Venanzi & Hönig 2019

Chemodynamics of Dwarf Galaxies under Ram Pressure
Williamson & Martel 2018

Chemodynamic Evolution of Dwarf Galaxies in Tidal Fields
Williamson, Martel & Romeo 2016

Metal Diffusion in Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics Simulations of Dwarf Galaxies
Williamson, Martel & Kawata 2016

Cloud angular momentum and effective viscosity in global SPH simulations with feedback
Williamson & Thacker 2014

High-velocity-dispersion cold gas in ULIRG Outflows - I. Direct simulations
Williamson, Thacker, Scannapieco & Brüggen 2014

Effective viscosity from cloud-cloud collisions in 3D global smoothed particle hydrodynamics simulations
Williamson & Thacker 2012

Previous Academic Positions

2013-2016 - Postdoctoral fellow at Université Laval with Hugo Martel.


2013 PhD (Hydrodynamic Simulations: The Origins and Evolution of Cold Gas in Galaxies and Galactic Winds)
Defended January 18th, 2013, Graduated May 17th, 2013
Thesis with Rob Thacker at St Mary's University, Halifax

2006 MSc (Condensed Matter Physics)
Thesis with Shaun Hendy jointly through VUW and Industrial Research Limited (now Callaghan Innovation)

2005 BSc (Hons)
Honours Thesis Projects with Denis Sullivan and Sir Paul Callaghan at Victoria University, Wellington


I am a dual New Zealand & British citizen, but I mostly grew up in the beautiful town of Wellington. I currently reside with my wife and baby and a very small puppy in Southampton, UK