David Williams
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I am currently a 1st year Mayflower PhD Student at the University of Southampton, supervised by Ian McHardy and Judith Croston. My thesis will be working on the Legacy e-MERLIN Multi-Band Imaging of Nearby Galaxies Survey (LeMMINGs) for eMERLIN and multiband observations of the Palomar sample of nearby galaxies. I am interested in AGN and black hole accretion.

I graduated from University of Southampton in 2014 with a Masters in Physics with Astronomy, having spent a lot of time in the university observatory setting up a DADOS Spectrograph for my Master's Project with Tony Bird.

As part of my Mayflower Fellowship, I help with teaching undergraduates during problems classes and lab sessions. I currently supervise the PHYS2006 Classical Mechanics problem classes and have also taught PHYS2023 Wave Physics in semester 1 2014/15.