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Holotube - The HoloGrav Training Programme

Holograv is a graduate student training network for the research field of Gauge Gravity Duality. Gauge/gravity duality, or holography, has been the most important development in theoretical physics of the last decade. It has generated a new paradigm in which quantum gravity has been understood to be an alternative (dual) description of quantum gauge theory. For the first time there is an innovative tool that allows computation in strongly coupled gauge systems and simultaneously hints at unification of gravity and understanding of the early Universe. The principle has been so wide rangign that it has been applied across a lareg array of fields. Our goal here is to provide a graduate student learnign resource that lets students digest this large range of fields using holography as a guiding principle.

Who we are and our work

Lecture Courses


  • Black Hole Complementarity: The Inside View by Larus Thorlacius - video
  • Simple Holography of the Conformal Window by N Evans - video
  • Non-relativistic geometry in non-AdS holographic dualities by N Obers - video
  • Entanglement Holography bu J de Boer - video a and video b