Q: Is there a non-electronic copy of the book available?

A: There's no plan at the moment to formally publish the novel. The novel is aimed at the niche market of readers with a science background or interest (at least strong GCSEs in science). As a university lecturer I don't have the time to win over the arts based publishing world! Besides, I'd rather give it to you for free!

Q: What do you think the LHC will find?

A: I'm pretty sure we'll find a version of the higgs particle (wouldn't it be fun if it was something entirely unthought of though!) I've always had a soft spot for the idea of a composite higgs particle as discussed by Prof Trant at the beginning of Chapter 18. My main reason for leaning towards those models is that nature has already made use of all the ideas in the strong nuclear force - it's a conservative guess. We don't really have a satisfactory model in that spirit though - the problem is explaining all the different particle masses. Supersymmetry or extra dimensions would be massively exciting to find too but I can't quite bring myself to believe in these longer shots.

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From the author: Welcome to The Newtonian Legacy - a particle physics outreach project from the University of Southampton, School of Physics and Astronomy. This is a novel aimed at readers of fiction with a strong science interest and at least some science background - somewhat of a neglected market! I hope you enjoy the book - if you have questions about the issues raised please e-mail me (evans@phys.soton.ac.uk) and contribute to the FAQ - Nick Evans