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Complex pattern formation from interacting particles in 2d (with attraction and repulsion on multiple length scales)

Summary of a recent publication based on Molecular Dynamics and Monte Carlo simulations of particles, with contributions from University of Massachusetts (US), The Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm (Sweden), The Pennsylvania State University (US), University of West Florida (US) and the University of Southampton (UK):

Christopher N. Varney and Karl ...

Spyder - the Python IDE

Hans Fangohr, University of Southampton, UK, 2013

Spyder has developed into a fairly mature and very productive tool; here I try to provide a tutorial. This documentation is motivated by training courses in Python and computational modelling for students at the University of Southampton (see historical note for more detail ...

GNU units conversion program - short introduction


A re-occcuring problem in science and engineering is the correct conversion of one unit (say metre) into another (say yard). Usually, it is just a matter of working out the conversation factor but - if things go wrong - it can been the cause for incorrect results, errors, and dramatic accidents ...