Computational Modelling Blog


Image of Hans Fangohr

This blog is written by Hans Fangohr. I work at the University of Southampton (United Kingdom) as a Professor of Computational Modelling. Any views represented here are my own.

My interests are the use of computers and computer simulations to support and advance science and engineering. This covers a wide range of topics, including

  • choosing or finding the appropriate model to describe a real system,
  • mathematical methods to solve the model,
  • the implementation of those mathematical methods and models, i.e. the programming
  • and finally the use of the simulation to actually "do something useful".

Entries in the blog are often triggered by student questions from the different undegraduate and postgraduate courses I teach, or my research students. Or driven by the desire not to forget something, because the web has the better memory. Or trying to document something that I have just discovered and want to try. As a result, any entries may not always present the most elegant solutions [or be plain wrong] - suggestions for improvement and other comments are welcome.