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Complex pattern formation from interacting particles in 2d (with attraction and repulsion on multiple length scales)

Summary of a recent publication based on Molecular Dynamics and Monte Carlo simulations of particles, with contributions from University of Massachusetts (US), The Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm (Sweden), The Pennsylvania State University (US), University of West Florida (US) and the University of Southampton (UK):

Christopher N. Varney and Karl …

Spyder - the Python IDE

This page is outdated; a more recent version of the tutorial is available on this blog.

This blog entry has been integrated into Spyder as the Tutorial. Once Spyder has started, the most up-to-date version of this tutorial can be found under Help -> Spyder tutorial.

See the Spyder website for …

Setting up Pelican - how to make equations work?

Seeing that I have solved this problem twice (forgetting the solution after having done it once), I will write down the essential steps.

To be able to use equations in the static Pelican Blog generator, the key is to include a code snippet like

<!-- Using MathJax, with the delimiters $ -->
<!-- Conflict …