Assessment criteria guidance

While not binding, here are some possible assessment criteria you may want to consider in preparing and delivering your workshop.

Assessment is based on the announcement, the delivery of the presentation and the teaching session in the workshop, responses to questions, teaching materials, and the online presentation.


  • How well was the topic understood?
  • Applications of the tool? Context?
  • Alternatives?
  • Benefits?
  • Links to previous topics?
  • Generality?
  • Cost / security / ethics implications?
  • Set up of software (virtual machine)?

Workshop delivery and online teaching material

Pedagogical content

  • Choice of teaching material
  • Clarity for student
  • Appropriateness of level
  • Suitability of exercises both in difficulty and duration
  • Quality of exercises

Workshop presentation and training session

  • Presentation of material
  • Presentation style
  • Pace & Timing
  • Clarity
  • Engagement of students and reception (i.e. pitched at the right level of difficulty)
  • Handling of questions

Online Material

  • Value of materials without workshop attendance - i.e. is the set of materials self explanatory.
  • Clarity
  • Completeness & Conciseness
  • Blog entry part 1 to be done in advance, including (pointer to) any necessary setup instructions
  • Blog entry part 2 to be done after the workshop, pointing to online teaching materials, summary and some reflection if appropriate.


  • Management of overall project (deadlines, efficiency)
  • Announcement of workshop
  • Uniformity of materials, inline with NGCM and Southampton brand
  • Reflective evaluation