Here, we provide useful resources for the tools sessions:

Computing environment (virtual machines)

For workshop presenters: To provide all participants of your workshop with the same pre-installed computing environment, we ask you to create a virtual machine with the tool/software/package installed that you are going to introduce. We recommend to use virtualbox.

Here is some information on creating virtual machines and making them available to others.

The virtual machine image can be stored on the account Please choose a sensible name for the virtual machine and copy the image using scp into the folder /home/ngcmbits/public_html/virtualmachines which maps onto, where all workshop participants can download the image. The account password is available from the lecturers on request.

For workshop participants: please install the virtual machine image on your laptop in the week before the actual workshop takes place. Workshop presenters will generally provide some tests or things to double check that your installation is working. Please carry out these tests, so that there is no delay during the workshop from your missing installation and preparation.

Documentation and blog

To be completed, more details here.