Computer Programs

by Jack D. Mattingly

Over the last twenty years, I have written an array of computer programs for educational use in the field of gas turbine engines and their design. I started with a set of gas turbine engine cycle analysis programs (ONX and OFFX) for use with Aircraft Engine Design, First Edition that were available along with the textbook from the American Institute of Aeronautics (AIAA). Later on I developed the aircraft system program AEDsys to help with the analysis of Chapters 2 through 7 of Aircraft Engine Design which was used in professional courses I taught and courses at USAF Academy and AFIT. In 1995 I released a suite of five programs (AFPROP, COMPR, PARA, PERF, and TURBN) combined with the new McGraw-Hill textbook Elements of Gas Turbine Propulsion, First Edition. In 1996, the ONX and OFFX programs were modified and included with Aircraft Engine Design, First Edition along with its user guide in Adobe Acrobat format. The ECAP and EOPP gas turbine engine analysis programs, along with other programs by Professor David Pratt at the University of Washington, are included in the third edition of Gordon C. Oates' AIAA textbook Aerothermodynamics of Gas Turbine and Rocket Propulsion.

The newest versions of AEDsys, ONX, COMPR, and TURBN are included on a CD-ROM with Aircraft Engine Design, Second Edition (2002) along with the new INLET and NOZZLE programs. These programs are included in the AEDsys Software Suite along with six other programs (AFTRBNR, ATMOS, EQL, GASTAB, KINETX, and MAINBRN) written by Professor David Pratt. Go to the AEDsys Software Suite to view description, user guide and/or example screens of these programs.

Programs I've written are grouped below by general area.

Gas Turnine Cycle Analysis Programs

Aircraft/Engine System Analysis

Component Preliminary Design