Table of Contents

Part 1. Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics
Properties of Fluids
Fluid Statics
Control Volume Analysis, Integral Methods.
Potential Flow
Dimensional Analysis
Introduction to Boundary Layers
Viscous Flow in Pipes
Part 2. Introduction to Theory of Flight
Visit the Australian Ultralight Federation's Excellent Flight Theory Pages
Aircraft Instruments
Part 3. Aerodynamics
Properties of the Atmosphere
Joukowski Flow Mapping & Aerofoils
2-D Flow Aerofoil Section Geometry
Thin Aerofoil Theory (2-D Sections)
2-D Panel Method Solutions
Lifting Line Theory (3-D Wings)
Vortex Lattice Method (3-D Wings)
Part 4. Gasdynamics
Supersonic Flow Measurement
Simulation of Rarefied Gas Flow
Part 5. Aircraft Performance
Aircraft Performance(Force Equilibrium Predictions, Numerical Techniques)
Aircraft Performance (Force Equilibrium Predictions, Analytical Optimisation approach)
Mission Performance based Optimisation
Part 6. Propulsion
Blade Element Propeller Analysis
Ideal Cycle Gas Turbine Analysis
Part 7. Data Sheets
Conversion Factors
Density of Liquids
Standard Atmosphere
Compressible Subsonic Flow
Compressible Supersonic Flow
Normal Shock Wave Data
Oblique Shock Wave Data
Part 8. Assignment/Tutorial Resources
MATLAB files
EXCEL files
Part 9. Experimental Data Library
Wind Tunnel Experimental Data
The SNR Wind Tunnel

Copyright © 1995-2005,
Aerospace, Mechanical & Mechatronic Engineering,
University of Sydney.

Authors : D.J. Auld, K. Srinivas
with contributions from the students and friends of AMME

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