The eCHASE project

eCHASE project was a European (FP6) research project. It used semantic web technologies to integrate art and cultural heritage multimedia resources so they could be more easily found and used. See the EU's research focus for context.

The content providers include two photo libraries (Fratelli Alinari and Getty Images), a publisher (De Agostini) and a television broadcaster (ORF). This provided a rich mix of materials and real-world needs.

The CIDOC CRM ontology was used to describe and hence integrate the information. We also built a "Media Engine" which provided search based on image appearance. This helped us produce our open source project OpenIMAJ.

For more information see our ESWC paper: Sinclair, P., Lewis, P., Martinez, K., Addis, M., Pillinger, A. and Prideaux, D. (2005) eCHASE: Exploiting Cultural Heritage using the Semantic Web. In: 4th International Semantic Web Conference, ISWC 20052005 

The is a brochure we made to summarise related work in ECS and a promotional video (27MB).

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