WDRA Extender

Sample Extended Data from a Twitter Search about Corona Virus Ventilators

The WDRA Extender service uses the Twitter API to fill out data captured from the WDRA (Web Data Research Assistant) Chrome extension.

The WDRA browser plugin allows researchers to capture Twitter data without any programming expertise. Its key value is in being able to capture data from historic searches, which is impossible with the Twitter API and any services built on the API. The weakness of WebDataRA is that it is limited to data that is visible in the Web page. This complementary web service allows you to backfill the WebDataRA spreadsheet with extra information obtained from the Twitter API or with analysis that is difficult to produce in a browser. It is anticipated that more powerful text and network analysis will be provided to facilitate more sophisticated computation social science research methodologies.


Simply paste a list of Tweet IDs from your spreadsheet (a column of text with each line starting 'ID:' and followed by 14 digits) into the box below. Press the "Submit" button, and the following files will be returned to you in a ZIP package:


NB: you may paste partial lists of IDs from "cleansed" and "sampled" sets of Tweets that you have previously collected. You may combine tweet ids from multiple sets of searches, and from other sources. This service will create a new collection and recalculate all the statistics from scratch. Your list may be composed of thousands of tweet ids. This service uses TWARC to obtain tweet and user data from the Twitter API, but it is subject to Twitter's rate limiting and so it is possible that a very large request may take several hours to satisfy.

Disclaimer: THIS SOFTWARE IS NOT YET AVAILABLE OUTSIDE THE AUTHOR'S OFFICE. Even when installed, this version will be a pilot service that provides no queue management in the first instance. A new version is being developed by the University of Southampton Research Software Group.