The Normal Del Mar Collection of historical recordings is held in the Special Collections section of the Hartley Library, University of Southampton. This is one of a number of web pages provided by the Musis department  to support the study of historical recordings at Southampton.

Guide to Library Resources

Resources for research into historical recordings at Southampton include over 100 discographies, ranging from classical to popular music. They also incude an extensive range of record journals, reviews and catalogues, covering a wide period and large selection of countries and record labels, with much of historical interest. The Hartley Library will consider increasing this collection to match individual research requirements. 

The following is intended as a convenient guide to the main resources (it is not a comprehensive listing of sometimes fragmentary and largely uncatalogued holdings), and is divided into three sections:

Locations of individual items may be found by consulting the Library's WEBCAT.

Reviews of recorded music


Listed under classical (artists), classical (composers), classical (general), opera, jazz (artists), jazz (general), popular music and musicals, reference.

Jazz (individual artists)

Jazz (general)

Classical (artists)

Classical (composers)

Classical (general)


Jazz (artists)

Jazz (general)

Popular music and musicals


Catalogues covering individual record labels

There is a large quantity of rare catalogues from individual record companies, including Capitol, Decca, Deutsche Grammophon, EMI, HMV, Harmonia Mundi, Parlophone, Pathé Marconi, Philips, Polydor, Polygram, RCA and Victor. Continuous holdings of record catalogues are detailed below (part of a vast but currently uncatalogued archive), together with general discographies covering individual labels.

Guide compiled by Charles Tebbs, May 1999 (updated 10 October, 2000)