Early Universe Thermometers
(Padova, 6-8 February 2008)

The workshop is aimed to stimulate new ideas on models that provide solutions to the cosmological puzzles and that can be put in connection with one of the most intriguing open issues in cosmology: how hot was the early Universe ? The title can be also regarded as a tribute to Galileo who invented the thermometer about 400 years ago in Padova. The main subjects of the workshop will be therefore: inflation, primordial gravitational waves, baryogenesis, dark matter and neutrinos in cosmology. Each morning, there will be two review talks on the main subjects, followed, in the afternoon, by working sessions with more specialistic talks. Organizers: W.Buchmüller, L. Covi, P. Di Bari, A.Ibarra, A. Masiero, M. Pietroni, A. Riotto. Secretary: Paola Zenere.

                         Review talks

  • First day   (Wednesday, 6 February 2008)

    • Primordial Gravitational Waves        Sabino Matarrese
    • Neutrinos in Cosmology                    Julien Lesgourgues

  • Second day   (Thursday, 7 February 2008)

    • Electroweak Baryogenesis                 Mariano Quiros
    • Leptogenesis                                     Esteban Roulet

  • Third day  (Friday, 8 February 2008)

    • Models of Dark Matter                      Hitoshi Murayama
    • Inflation                                           Rocky Kolb

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