Gaia Astrometric Excess Noise and the search for X-ray Binaries

Gandhi et al., MNRAS in press, 2022,

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Catalogue Fields
Field Description Units/Notes
RAGaia Gaia EDR3 right ascension deg
DecGaia Gaia EDR3 declination deg
Designation Gaia EDR3 source designation
g Gaia EDR3 apparent mag mag
Parallax_orig Gaia EDR3 raw parallax mas
ZPbias Zero Point bias parallax offset according to Lindegren et al. 2021 mas
Parallax_corr Gaia EDR3 parallax corrected for zero-point mas
ZP_Warning Zero Point bias EDR3 parallax offset warning (*)See warning codes below.
Distance_blind Zero-point corrected EDR3 distance based on parallax inversion kpc
Distanceerr_blind Gaia EDR3 distance error based on raw parallax inversion kpc
Astrom_excess_noise Gaia EDR3 astrometric excess noise mas
Excess_noise_significance Gaia EDR3 astrometric excess noise significance
A(g) Gaia DR2 G-band extinction mag
Bp-Rp Gaia EDR3 Bp-Rp colour mag
E(Bp-Rp) Gaia DR2 reddening mag
RUWE Gaia EDR3 renormalised unit weight error
Chi2 Gaia EDR3 astrometric solution goodness of fit
Astromngood Gaia EDR3 Number of good observations AL
IPD_frac_multi_peak Gaia EDR3 percent of successful-IPD windows with more than one peak
IPD_gof_harmonic_amplitude Gaia EDR3 amplitude of the IPD GoF versus position angle of scan
NameX Chandra CSC2.0 associated X-ray counterpart name
RAX Chandra CSC2.0 associated X-ray counterpart right ascension deg
DecX Chandra CSC2.0 associated X-ray counterpart declination deg
FluxX Chandra CSC2.0 associated X-ray counterpart broad/wide band flux erg/s/cm^2
SignificanceX Chandra CSC2.0 associated X-ray counterpart significance
Separation Offset between Chandra and Gaia J2000.0 coordinates arcsec
SIMBAD_Class SIMBAD source type, as of Oct 2021 arcsec
Source_ID SIMBAD main ID, as of Oct 2021

(*)ZP_Warning codes:
0: No warning.
2: Extrapolated, because pseudocolour outside range 1.24-1.72. Maximum corrections already reached at 1.24 and 1.72.
3: nu_eff_used_in_astrometry outside range 1.1-1.9. Outside this range, offset could be seriously wrong.

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Dec 2021.