Teacher Packs

FREE Teachers packs contain various handouts, CDs and flyers. The Pack includes:

Flyers and Booklets about Physics and Astronomy courses at the University of Southampton.

Outreach flyers advertising the Soton Astrodome, the Laser Express Roadshow and other SEPnet outreach roadshows/events for schools.

Information for A-level students on what University life is really like as a Physics student.

Flyers detailing the Ogden Trust Science Teachers Partnership and how your school can get involved and become a partner with the University.

And much more...

If you are interested in one of our FREE Teachers packs (you must be a teacher!) then please email me (click link below) and make sure to include your Name and School Address with the subject 'Teachers Pack'...Thank you.

The Newtownian Legacy - a free popular science novel


This free book is available to download here.

A younger researcher, Andreas Born, is found dead at the particle physics institute where he works. A policewoman is assigned the job of penetrating the intellectually charged atmosphere his colleagues work in. She is forced to unravel the mysterious world of subatomic particles to understand the dead man's motivations. Meanwhile, Carl, one of Andreas' collaborators embarks on an exploration of Andreas' murky life outside physics including sex, drug dealing and bizarre alchemical experiments. Carl is followed by a mysterious stranger and must fight to preserve both his life and the relationship with his girlfriend.

From the author: Welcome to The Newtonian Legacy - a particle physics outreach project from the University of Southampton, School of Physics and Astronomy. This is a novel aimed at readers of fiction with a strong science interest and at least some science background - somewhat of a neglected market!

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