Talks & Workshops

As well as the planetarium Sadie has many astronomy outreach talks (in powerpoint presentation form) and hands-on space and astronomy work shops which she can personally offer to schools.

Talk titles:

All talks are about 30-50 minutes in length. I will require a projector and screen at the location, but can provide own laptop and dvi cable.

pic Aliens in the Universe (Primary to GCSE)- This includes use of inflatable planets for Primary-Year 7 students to help them learn the order of the planets in our solar system.

Physics and Astronomy Careers Talk (Year 10 & Above)

pic Launching a creme egg into space (GCSE & Above)- This talk is quite 'equation heavy' so best for the high ability students.

Black Holes & My research talk (Year 9 & above)- Incudes discussion of my PhD research into supermassive black holes, and comparison to the smaller black holes.


Radio Astronomy & AGN ( A-Level)

LOFAR - Radio Astronomy & Black holes talk (GCSE & A-Level)- discussion of the Low Frequency Array a new local telescope, which I helped to build in Chilbolton, near Winchester.


PhD students (including myself) building the LOFAR LBA antennae at Chilbolton Observatory.

Send Sadie an email if you want her to come to the school to give one of these talks/workshops.


Year 9 students launching their bottle rockets outside the Physics & Astronomy department.

There is also a list of other University of Southampton staff from the department of Physics and Astronomy who are happy to give talks to schools on the Speakers for Schools webpage.

As with the planetarium, speakers can only come to schools within a 1.5 hour travel limit from the University.