Work Experience


Myself and Pearl John (Public Engagement Leader) offer work experience placements (usually for 5 days) for GCSE and A-level students.

To be considered for a place you should email (physwizz) using the link below with the subject 'Work Experience'.

Please be aware that we get a lot of requests for work experience and if we do not reply to your email/s it is likely that we do not have any places in the time you requested.

The work experience involves working in the Physics and Astronomy Outreach and Public Engagment Office as an assistant to me, Sadie Jones (Outreach Leader in Astronomy) and Pearl John (Public Engagement Leader).

Work will include office tasks, admin, demonstrating on outreach visits such as the astrodome planetarium shows and the light express roadshow, meeting physicists and academics in the department and talking to them about their research.

Email physwizz

to make a work experience enquiry...