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 Flexible Displays

Twisted Nematic liquid crystal systems are used in many optical devices. By simulating these devices on a computer their characteristics can be found prior to manufacture, thus saving both time and money during the design phase.
One particular device in development is a flexible liquid crystal panel that could be worn on clothing or used as a replacement to newspaper. This device has to be very stable under distortion so that the display does not change colour when it is compressed, which happens to current liquid crystal displays.

In order to fine-tune the properties of such a device we must model the behaviour of liquid crystal defects as the device operates– this virtual prototyping is highly cost effective. We solve a coupled set of Euler-Lagrange equations to determine the equilibrium state of the liquid crystal system using a non-linear multigrid method. This work is in collaboration with Mathematics and the Defence Research Agency (DERA, Malvern).


Molecular Director orientation at (left) low magnetic field (right) high magnetic field. As the field increases, the molecules line up with the magnetic field which is point along the z-axis.

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