Sara Mailis

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Sara Mailis's contemporary art images

Sara Mailis images1992-2014

New - Christmas cards 2014
New Ceramics works now available to see on "Land & Sea ceramics".

Land & Sea ceramics - Sara Mailis

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Rock Art

New painting February 2014
Underwater commission, 2013 Puffer rock

The content of the work is dictated by a process. Out of a random markings and scatterings of paint I will retrieve an arm, a head, part of the torso of an animal or an object, which I will then go on to develop; endowing with hair, claws or whatever accompaniments seem appropriate. A composition and a story will develop, the protagonist(s) often partaking in, or experiencing, the following: fear, threat, isolation, eating, grouping and play. - Sara Mailis (nee Rodgers).

Submitted by Sara Mailis, September 2015.