Windy Saturday

Date: Saturday 3rd October 2009
Participants and boats: Costa, Eva and Caroline in the Vision

Shall we go, or is it too ridiculous....

We go... Even if it is kind of mad...

Costa will join us... We will be fine

Weather forecast WF 6 guests of 7... Mmm

Two hours of sailing in front of the club; one leg: close to the wind, and going back on a beam/broad reach course. Sounds not very exiting. But it was. Because we were flying with our lovely Vision. Massive guests when we tried to travel a bit further...

Spinnaker was no go area... Trapeze maybe, although I was very happy that they didn't put me outside the boat... In the other hand all three were more outside the boat then inside. However, very pleased to announce: NO capsizing ; )

Some nice tips to trim a dingy were discussed and I believe we all had a wonderful time. I am looking forward and Costa as well to challenge the Vision again in heavy weather.

Thanks form Eva for the possibility to join in the Vision.


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