SSC Open Day 10/07/10

Date: Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th July 2010
Participants and boats: Anne, Patrick and Livia on the 420, Francesco, Eva and Andy on the SSC GP14-1, Matteo, Asa, Jen, Sarah on the Bosun, Sue-Ann + boyfriend on the SSC GP14-2 and later the 420 - Costa, Kathrin and special guest Caroline on the RS Vision. Dave on the Safety boat

This was the busiest day for this season and probably any season so far and was accompanied by 30 degrees sunshine. We all happily pottered around in the stretch of water in front of the club house. No capsizes that I can remember but one person among our guest has already been baptised. It is important to maintain long standing traditions! For the afternoon at low tide we had BBQ provided by the SSC and sun-bathing and chit-chat waiting for the tide to come back. Finally at 1730 Francesco and Anne had a go at some spinnaker sailing with 420 while Caroline and Costa took out the Vision. Costa was determined to have a go at trapezing but in fact Caroline had different plans, decided that it was too warm and opted for a capsize.

Was that enough! It is never enough! The following day Francesco, Costa, Maike, Ambra and Mathieu, Dave and Charlie meet up in the morning for a quick spin on the boats. Francesco and Ambra fought hard to keep the spinnaker up on the Vision. They won most of the time. Twice the spinnaker won and ended up in capsizing. Costa and Caroline appreciate their effort for cleaning the mast that was left muddy from the day before. In the recovery of the capsizes the crew demonstrate very skilful technique with Francesco even displaying a perfect "dry capsize". Meanwhile, Costa with Dave and Mathieu on the Bosun and Caroline, Maike and Charlie on the 420 preferred a relaxed sailing, more appropriate for a lazy Sunday morning.


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