2nd SWSA dinghy traveller race, 17/07/2011 by Costa

Date: Sunday 17th July 2011
Participants and boats: Ambra and Costa on the Vision, Robert on his Contender

Sunday race was as adventurous as you imagined. Starting from the way to Netley where is a gust we got the Vision planning for about a minute or so. It seems like it was taking off. Actually she did take off. I literally felt the boat accelerating away from under me. I landed in the water behind the boat with the tiller extensions still in my end. That was the first of 4 or 5 total inversions. The first race was ok. Myself and Ambra are not meant for high winds strength and we were constantly over powered (with the reef-on). In between the two races, we were heaving too while having a relatively comfortable lunch riding the wind. We just saw in the distance the sky becoming black then the water took a bleak tint with white streaks of foam all over and finally the wind hit us with all his power. We were prepared and hiking out while heaving too, that wasn't enough, so we released the jib and the kicker. At that point the wind took the boat, lift it and turn it upside down. The think I remember afterwards is Ambra standing on the hull, holding the centreboard and a torrential rain, hail, cats and dogs falling form the sky...After recovered the situation and decided to do the second race to avoid coming back without safety boat. We totally inverted again in a Gybe. We finally got our safety boat escorting us up to Wesotn but we proudly refuse to make harbour there for the night and continue sailing till Southampton in good spirit but with a few bruises here and there. Rob arrived few minutes after us having broke tiller extension and kicker. Will managed to finish the second race, not without a number of capsizes.

After the race, Netley weather station showed a gust of 43Knots at around 2pm when we were having lunch. I let you check on the Beaufort scale what it correspond too.


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