Peter Meredith Cup - Day 1

Date: Saturday 17th October 2009
Participants and boats: Caroline, Costa, Sebastian, Bram and Antoine in the Vision and 420.

Saturday was the time for the long awaited Peter Meridith Cup. After a cold and early start Antoine and I went off for a good start in the 420, however in light and a bit gusty winds it became quickly clear that we were no match and we decided to rely on Costa, Sebastian and Caroline in the Vision to defend the club's sailing honour and win back this highly coveted throphy. Thoroughly stuck in last position, we missed most of what was actually going on in the races, but it seemed pretty close and exciting from our far position. Vision two times second if I remember correctly? In the 420 we meanwhile enjoyed ourselves with some nice classic spinnaker sailing, although gybing too early out of totally misplaced competiteveness was probably not my smartest move. Given our pace and since the 420 does not even possess KiLlick's luxurious (bucket based) toilet facilities and a wetsuit shouldn't be taken literally, we were keen to get to shore. However no horn sounded on the finish line, necessitating another ultra slow round of the race circuit. Luckily after we finally finished the wind immediately picked up and we had a nice sail home.


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