Sun, sea and wind

Date: Saturday 30th May 2009
Participants and boats: Stella and Sue Ann in the Bosun, Louise and Bram in the 420

The unprecedented combination of both glorious sunshine and good winds meant there was more than enough enthusiasm to take our complete dinghy fleet out. Meeting just past 12 as the tides reached the 2 meter mark, to have a full day's sailing, seemed like a good idea, but we hadn't counted on a big yacht blocking the slipway. However, pushing the dinghies through the mud for launching proved only a warm up for what our muscles would have to endure. Luckily the water near shore was soup-like warm, so the decision to leave the wetsuits at home seemed justified. Soon it became apparent, however, that I had forgotten that sailing with the 420 splashing through choppy seas isn't about staying dry, not helped by Louise grinning from the relatively dry helm position. As it was sunny none of this mattered and we dried almost as quickly as the water came spraying over. Meanwhile Stella was heroically taming the unruly Bosun, with the rudder up as an extra challenge! Going to shore to fix this made things only more interesting, as after setting off again it soon was clear that controlling the boat with the mainsheet stuck under the rudder is a different specialty altogether. With the 420 circling around, after some time dropping the mainsheet and sailing on the jib proved the solution to get the Bosun under control again. No permanent emotional distress was caused (hopefully) and after having overcome all this, some nice sailing ensued. Exhausted from all the hard work the Bosun crew finally retired. All the efforts weren't over though, as pushing the Bosun on to land, full of water, with the jockywheel of the trailer seized up was too much for our poor strained muscles, but luckily Nigel was around to give a helping hand. As the conditions were just too good to miss out on the 420 took the opportunity to pick up the trapeze harness and set out again. With Louise enjoying the trapeze we had some excellent runs up and down the water, even without any teabagging or capsizing! On the way home we even tried the spinnaker again, but flying it without the pole uphaul didn't prove that much of a success. In the end I should probably admit that my mum is right and sun cream actually can be useful even in the English climate to avoid looking like a lobster. All in all an excellent full day of sailing!


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