Marina Rillo


Email: m.rillo [at]

Twitter: @marina_rillo

PhD student.

Supervised by Thomas Ezard, Giles Miller, Andy Purvis and Sam Gibbs.

The aim of my project is to better understand how evolutionary constraint differs among species in different oceanographic conditions and with different life-history traits. The mechanisms underlying evolutionary change rely on variation, which can be genetic, within or among populations. At a geographical scale, species ranges can be restricted by lack of variation in traits under selection in the surrounding habitats. Within species, life-history trade-offs can constrain the response to selection and limit adaptation to a changing environment. I am measuring individual morphological traits of modern planktonic foraminifera to study how the variation within and among species is related to species' distribution and evolutionary history.

My project is partially based at the Natural History Museum in London, where I am using the Buckley Collection, which consists of more than 15,000 individuals of 33 different species collected over 190 different localities from ocean basins and seas around the world.