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Vice-Chancellor remuneration

The University’s Vice-Chancellors have made an enormous contribution to Southampton’s success since it was established as a university in 1952.

The role of Vice-Chancellor requires a wide range of academic credentials, business acumen and international experience, together with the gravitas to engage at senior government level, locally, nationally and overseas. It also requires the skills to lead and manage a complex multi-million pound institution.

The value of the Vice-Chancellor’s salary package is determined by the Senior Salaries Committee, which comprises up to five external members of the University's governing body (Council) and is chaired by Dr Gill Rider, Chair of the University Council. When the Senior Salaries Committee reviews the Vice-Chancellor’s remuneration package, it does so with reference to the University’s progress, and relative to the remuneration of the leaders of other Russell Group universities, taking into account these institutions’ size, ranking and location.

Benchmarking data, and other information that contributes to the Senior Salaries Committee’s decision-making process, is supplied independently by the Director of Human Resources.

“The University of Southampton is a leading UK teaching and research institution, with an annual turnover in excess of £520 million, over 24,000 students and more than 6,000 members of staff,” says Chair of the University Council, Dr Gill Rider. “It is to be expected that the Vice-Chancellor of a large, complex, international university should be remunerated appropriately.”

Further information:

Details of the Vice-Chancellor’s remuneration package are published annually in the University’s financial statements.

Remuneration for the post of Vice-Chancellor for the period 2009-2014:

2009-10: £196,000 (period from October 2009 to July 2010)
Pension contribution: £31,300

2010-11: £267,000 (including £30,000 one-off non-pensionable performance payment)
Pension contribution: £37,600

2011-12: £277,000 (including £40,000 one-off non-pensionable performance payment)
Pension contribution: £37,600

2012-13: £294,000 (including £45,000 one-off non-pensionable performance payment)
Pension contribution: £39,615

2013-14: £280,000 (including £30,875 one-off non-pensionable performance payment)
Pension contribution: £39,615

2014 - 15: £292,000 (including £38,657 one-off non-pensionable performance payment)
Pension contribution: £40,320

Additional notes:

Changes to the calculation of pension contributions account for fluctuations in amounts published.

University’s financial year runs from 1 August to 31 July

The members of the Senior Salaries Committee meet in November each year so that they can consider performance and reward following the publication of the University’s year-end financial result.

Southampton’s Senior Salaries Committee has the following terms of reference:

To determine the Vice-Chancellor's salary. (The Vice-Chancellor, Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellor are absent during consideration of the Vice-Chancellor’s remuneration)

To receive recommendations from the Vice-Chancellor on salary progression and PRP payments for members of the University’s Senior Management Team and its Deans.

To agree the scheme/rules by which salaries of the University’s Senior Management Team and its Deans are set.

To give retrospective audit oversight to Professorial and Level 7 School and Professional Services based staff costings and equal pay monitoring data.

The Vice-Chancellor approves the salaries of all Level 7 staff and may delegate this responsibility to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor.

Details of Level 7 pay scales are available to view online.


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