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The University of Southampton
About us

Education strategy: Supporting student success

Our vision is that we will be internationally recognised for the quality of our education. We will attract highly qualified students from across the world, and offer them a vibrant and transformative experience. We will work as partners with our students to enable them to develop their ambitions, fulfil their potential and make a positive contribution to the world.

Our Education strategy

We will improve quality at all stages of the student journey. This will be reflected in the calibre of our students and in their outcomes. It will result in league table rankings that enhance our attractiveness to the best students from across the world.

In parallel we will work to ensure that our educational activity is productive and sustainable, placing emphasis on the support and development of our staff.

How will we achieve this?

Highly qualified applicants

Attract highly qualified applicants by working with partners to ensure that our programmes are attractive to and highly regarded by all students, and that they are shaped and underpinned by our culture of research and enterprise; and by strengthening our outreach, recruitment and admissions processes.

Quality of teaching

Enhance the quality of our teaching and assessment, by working with our students to draw on expertise and best practice both within and outside the institution, and developing our staff at all levels through high quality support and CPD activity.

Student support

Enhance the quality of the academic and other support that we offer to our students, by embedding best practice across the institution, ensuring that our systems and processes support this practice, and developing a culture in which the entire student community recognises that student support is a responsibility shared by every member of staff.

Communication and organisation

Enhance the quality of our course organisation, by improving the quality of our systems, processes and curriculum structures, and strengthening lines of communication between members of staff in all areas of the University.

Graduate career prospects

Improve the career prospects of our graduates, through curriculum design that allows students to integrate a broad variety of placement opportunities, both domestic and international, in their studies, and by ensuring that our curriculum is appropriately focussed on developing the skills and experience that students will need to succeed not only academically but in the work-place.


Draw on best practice for working as efficiently as possible to allow all members of staff to focus on enhancing experience of our students.


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